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WE ARE the lowercase.


We learn pretty quickly that life is a journey. We make our plans. We decide what paths to travel. Along the way, we face steep climbs and winding roads, but all the while we remember where we came from, and where we are going.

So what do we do when all our plans come to dust?

There comes a time when we look up at the mountain ahead of us, and steel our courage, and we charge ahead, not knowing the crushing defeat that awaits us a few hundred feet above. And as we lose our breath, we learn that our lungs need rest before we can scale the next summit. So we find ourselves in this cycle of exertion and depletion, of death and resurrection, and at some point the weariness gives way to gratitude, and celebration and awe.

It is in this spirit that we present "Mountains." This is a record about the journey, and the mountain, and what we hope to find at the top.

jason devaney ~ vocals, acoustic guitar
brett higgins ~ vocals, electric guitar
andrew mast ~ drums
spencer maxfield ~ electric guitar
marcus quinlan ~ bass





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